Effective Self-Defense Training

t the Bowie Kettlebell Club in Bowie, Maryland, you’ll find effective self-defense training based on reality situations, not a staged or practices event. Students must be over 18 years-of-age for the training, and each class is one to two hours. Each class has a four-student minimum. Our self-defense training classes are assigned on an individual basis and student will sign a waiver. Students with special health needs must have a doctor’s approval. All training is conducted in our studio using real-life situations.

Contact us in Bowie, Maryland, to learn more about our unique self-defense training.


Here is a list of our favorite links about Target Focus Training. We hope these links help you understand the reason when to apply TFT to protect yourself. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to info@bowiekettlebellclub.com.

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    Tim Larkin (Creator of Target Focus Training) gives explanation on what TFT is about.
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    Womens self protection senario training.