Kettlebell Training Provides Great Benefits To Your Health

While these cast-iron cannonballs look more petite than your standard gym equipment, their advantages to your body are very powerful! Here at the Bowie Kettlebell Club in Bowie, Maryland, our kettlebell and strength training is very effective that you will see and feel results in no time! You will improve in flexibility, functional strength and movement, posture, and confidence.

Our Back to Basics Workouts Are for All Ages

The Kettlebell Basics is a prerequisite to all our other classes, and this is where you'll build the foundation for more challenging programs. You will learn kettlebell arm bar, snatch, windmill, and more! If you wish to move on right after the Immediate classes, we have a Basics With Transition option. These programs will guide you to be exposed to the exciting world of kettlebell and prepare you for the next level! Regardless of which program you do, our classes are safe and friendly for all ages and experience levels.