Start Your Morning Right With Our Kettlebell Loaded Yoga Program

The combination of yoga and kettlebell is something unique and compelling when done correctly. We are guided by a yin and yang philosophy, wherein we use both hard and soft techniques. We combine both Western and Asian culture healing philosophies, so you get the most of your workout. You will discover yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and genuine Russian kettlebells for your joints and health. 

Gain Muscle Strength With the Loaded Yoga Kettlebell 2 Arm Swing

An excellent style we will share with you is the Loaded Yoga Kettlebell 2 Arm Swing. With your body relaxed and loosened up, allowing the kettlebell to swing with your body, you will work your breathing, hands, hips, neck, shoulders, back, and arms all at the same time. A simple yet powerful move like this will change your life. Apart from waking up healthier and leaner, you will also feel your mind get calmer.